Man's Best Friend Helps G.I. Boy Who Feels No Pain Stay Out of Danger

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A Grand Island boy who feels no pain because of a medical condition is relying on man's best friend to keep him safe and out of harms way.

Seven year old Alex Anderson is unique, he loves to play and explore like most kids his age, but unlike others he feels no pain, and that's not the only medical condition that affects him.

"He has a really hard time communicating his feelings knowing right from wrong, learning social etiquette things like that," said Alex's Mother Kim Anderson.

Sometimes he can be a danger to himself or others, but thats where Coco comes in to help. She's a St. Bernad just about a year old now, and she keeps him safe!

"She will tell us if he's having a seizure she will alert us if his terett's are getting too bad," said Anderson.

The unique thing is Coco does it all without any training.

"The things that coco already knows it's like how does she know? How does she know to go sit on him when he runs from his medicine? How does she know to pull him by the shirt and take him back up to bed?" asked Anderson.

Anderson says Coco is a gift and Alex's parents rely on her to keep their son safe.

"He doesn't pay attention when he goes out into the street he'll run out there and not look he doesn't realize he is endangering himself or others," said Alex's Father Robert Anderson.

"She knew she had a purpose in life and her purpose is Alex," said Kim Anderson.

Coco needs training in California to become a service dog, which costs $7,000, but the family doesn't have the money.

There are plenty of ways to help them with the costs.

Pancake Feed: 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Sunday at First Presbyterian Church, 2103 W. Anna in Grand Island, free will donation.

Family Pet Clinic: Purchase dog biscuits with free will donation for at Family Pet Clinic, 2530 N. Diers in Grand Island.

Savings Account: Five Points Bank.

Donation Jar: Casey's Convenience Store, 420 N. Broadwell in Grand Island.

Information: Call Kim Anderson, 308-391-0310.

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