Many Plunge in "Polar" Conditions for the Special Olympics

What do Scooby-Doo, Harry Potter and the Blue Man Group have in common? They were all at Holmes Lake for the 2013 Polar Plunge.

It's Shauna Groenewold's third year as a participant.

"Today is nice,” Groenewold said in a sarcastic tone, “balmy…16 degrees maybe."

It’s not exactly the perfect weather to take a dip in an ice cold lake, but the below zero water doesn't stop dozens from diving in each year.

"The first year I did it, I thought I’ll probably die,” she said. “I got half way out and my legs wouldn't move, and today I lost both of my shoes! It’s always something.”

Many say, diving in the “polar” conditions is worth it because it’s for a good cause.

Each team collects pledges for plunging, and all the money goes to the Special Olympics.

"I launched my campaign totally on social media,” she said. “I used Twitter and Facebook."

This year, teams raised more than $30,000 dollars for the cause.