Marijuana Debate Comes to Lincoln

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The legalization of marijuana—it’s a hot topic with two very passionate sides.

“I’m an American Hippie,” said Steven Hager, editor-in-chief of High Times Magazine. “I think we have a right to use marijuana. We consider it the sacrament of our culture.”

But Bob Stutman, Retired DEA agent, disagrees. In fact, the two have made a career on disagreeing.

Hager and Stutman travel to colleges around the country debating the topic. They call their debate the “Heads vs. Feds.” During the forum, they encourage students to interact and participate in the conversation.

The team stopped at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln on Thursday.

“We just don’t need far more people using recreational intoxicants with a whole myriad of negative consequences,” said Stutman.

The legalization of marijuana has become less of a possibility and more of a reality. Currently, medical marijuana is legal in 18 states. In November, Colorado and Washington state legalized recreational use. The question now is: Will federal law follow suit?

"If people have a problem with drugs, any drugs, they should go into treatment,” said Hager. “I don't think they should be subject to law enforcement or jails or prisons."

Some Washington lawmakers aren’t wasting time trying to bridge the legal gap. A group in congress is getting ready to propose a bill to tax and regulate marijuana like tobacco and alcohol.

“Most American’s don’t feel like we need that problem on top of the problem of alcohol,” said Stutman.