Mayor Beutler Endorses LPS School Bond Issue

Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler endorsed the 2014 Lincoln Public School bond issue, saying its passage is important to the future of the City.

"Each of our five children received an excellent education through the Lincoln Public Schools because they were given the tools necessary for learning and success," Mayor Beutler said. "This bond issue will ensure that the students of today and tomorrow will have what they need to achieve their goals. The bond issue also is important to our economic development efforts. We know from experience that potential employers look very closely at the strength of the public school system. To attract good jobs, we need to make sure our schools are focused on excellence.”

Mayor Beutler said he has already voted for the bond issue, and he encouraged others to do the same. “I am proud to be the Mayor of a vibrant City that is committed to responsible long-term growth, a high quality of life and a bright future for all our children," he said.