Mayor Not Recommending Water Restrictions | Encourages Conservation Practices

Mayor Chris Beutler says the City’s water supply is 95% full, and he will not ask residents to follow the voluntary designated-day watering schedule at this time.

Lincoln’s water comes from well fields along the Platte River. Lincoln Water System (LWS) officials say precipitation has been below normal levels from December through March and slightly above normal in April. LWS will review river flows and water usage in early June to determine if additional conservation measures are needed at that time.

“We are in good shape now, but we all know how uncertain our summer weather can be,” said Mayor Beutler. “We will continue to monitor our supply and usage very carefully over the next few months. It’s important that residents to stay informed and be prepared if the situation changes and we determine that restrictions are necessary.”

Last year, the City Council revised the Water Management plan and approved the use of higher water rates during Phase 1 through Phase 3 water restrictions.

The revised Water Management Plan now includes new designated watering days for apartment complexes and commercial properties and changes for those using private wells. Details can be found at (keyword: water shortage rates).

Mayor Beutler encouraged residents to begin using water conservation practices now. Lawn professionals say watering one or two days a week is adequate, and over-watering can lead to shallow roots and lawn diseases. Other ways to decrease outdoor watering include the following:

• Do not water in windy conditions or during the heat of the day.
• Raise your mower height to 3.5 inches, and leave mulch on the lawn to retain moisture.
• Keep automatic sprinklers maintained, install a rain sensor and reduce watering times.
• Adjust sprinklers to water only the lawn, not the sidewalk, driveway or street.

More information is available by visiting or calling the Water Management Hotline at 402-441-1212.