Measles Cases Increase Nationwide

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The Nation sees around 60 cases of the measles each year, but that number has spiked to almost 160. Doctors in Nebraska say they see less parents choose to get their children vaccinated.

Tanner Struckman and his wife are expecting their first child in December, and as new parents they are taking every precaution necessary.

“I think for sure we will get the vaccine, and I’m assuming the vaccine is good so you don’t have to worry about it,” said Struckman.

But some parents do worry about the vaccine. Doctor David Lindley who runs a local family practice says he sees more parents opted out of getting the shot for their children, because they fear the vaccine links to other disorders.

“The big worry is autism, Said Dr. Lindley. If you look at it from a medical stand point as a physician, there is not a higher risk. If there was the vaccine would be taken off the market.”

And though Nebraska Health and Human Service officials say no cases have been recorded this year, Dr. Lindley says people should still be cautious.