Memorial Day Weekend Boating Advice

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Memorial Day weekend brings many Nebraskans to the lake. But what advice should you have before you hit the water.

"It's kind of the weekend that everybody gets out for the first time so we get a lot of boats in the water," said Michael Bolinger with the Branched Oak Lake Marina.

And more boats on the water increases the chance for a crash if drivers aren't careful.

"It's a good idea and go through the boat regulations. Especially even more so than normal," said Bolinger.

Keep a flashlight, life jackets and a fire extinguisher on the boat and look out for low water levels. The lakes are still recovering from the extreme drought in Nebraska.

"Areas where it might have been safe last spring...the water levels lower so more trees are exposed," said Bolinger.

Alcohol is allowed on the lakes just not for the boat drivers.

"It's just like operating a motor vehicle your driver has to be sober to operate the boat," said Bolinger.

Don't forget to watch for No Wake zones. You are required to slow down to 5 m.p.h.

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