Men Armed with Machetes, Taser Rob Computer Hardware Store

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Lincoln police responded to a robbery at the Computer Hardware store near 70th and O after two men robbed the store armed with machetes and a taser.

10/11 did speak with the owner of the store who said that his store is working closely with police to catch the robbers.

Lincoln police say two younger white men wearing masks entered the store around 9:15 a.m. Wednesday. Police say the men had machetes, a baton and a taser. They took cash, iPads and computers before leaving out an employee exit.

Police say the manager was handcuffed and the suspects had duct tape but didn't use it.

Capt. David Beggs tells 10/11 News that the suspects were wearing skeleton masks and Nebraska sweatshirts. Police believe the two left on foot, then drove off in a car.

Police searched the area, called in canine units and even had the Nebraska State Patrol in the air with helicopters.

Lincoln East High School, Pyrtle, Eastridge and Morley elementary schools were alerted to the robbery and locked their doors as a safety precaution.

Police believe this robbery may be related to at least two other robberies in Lincoln: the Z Wireless Verizon robbery on 2525 Pine Lake Road, reported on Tuesday, January 25, 2014 at 9:53 a.m. and the Jet Mobile Sprint robbery on 2711 King Lane which was reported on Wednesday, January 12, 2014 at 9:10 a.m.

Police Chief Jim Peschong said they believe these criminals may be able to easily dispose of these products, including online or potentially even targeting schools and school children.

But, especially with the schools, Peschong said that poses a risk.

"A lot of times," Peschong said, "word of mouth gets around and other kids start hearing about it. And, a lot of times, individuals will wind up giving us a phone call and letting us know.

They may also be able to track the products if someone tries to sell them online, depending on the product.

Officers are beefing up security near these electronic shops as well as convenience stores in the area, trying to make their presence more noticeable. Especially since, according to Peschong, robberies in Lincoln are up more than 11 percent in the last six months.

In all of these robberies, the men fit the same description: two white males in their late 20's with medium builds.