Merrick County Sheriff Feeds Hundreds in 1st Food Drive

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CENTRAL CITY, Neb. -- More than $30,000 worth of food given away in less than 3 hours. All to support the people of Merrick County.

The Mobile Food Bank for the Heartland dropped off more than 10,000 pounds of food for the Sheriff's Department to give to the people of Merrick County Saturday.

Sheriff Kevin Campbell said, "There are people that told us that they didn't know where their next meal was going to come from, they had nothing in their shelves. So the importance is working together as a community."

Enough food was dropped off for 100 homes, and it was all given away for free.

"We know we had somewhere around 75 households," said Sheriff Campbell. "We had people from 8 people in the family all the way down to some people that were 2. I'm going to guestimate with the fact that we were open for almost 2 1/2 hours, because we had some people show up late, and the fact that we ran out of everything we had, I'm going to guess and say somewhere around 250 people."

Those coming for the help too what they needed, and many looked for ways to pay it forward.

"A friend of mine called me and told me about it and I thought, 'Wow we need to get some for some people that we know that could use it,'" said Bill Spiegel. "And that's the main thing that I'm here, I could use a few things but I don't need 2 bags of potatoes or anything like that but I got friends, people that could use it, people in our church and stuff like that."

Bobby Leetch added, "Figured I could use a little extra help myself and in return I went ahead and I've been helping them out for the last hour now and it's a good deed for everybody in the community and it really helps out, it does."

And volunteers got just as much from the day.

Volunteer Arden Whisenand said, "To see the people that come in that don't have resources and to provide those resources, that's fantastic. It helps you stay grounded and helps you realize that there's more important things than the things we worry about on a daily basis."

Those volunteers made sure each person left with no less than what they needed.

"Some households have 8 people in the household and some people came in and they would get just a couple things and we would tell them, 'If you need more, take more,'" said Sheriff Campbell.

Leetch said, "Kim and Kevin Campbell, they're good people and we need more people like them in our community."

Sheriff Campbell said he wants to try to make this a monthly event. For details on the next drive, click the link to the Sheriff's Facebook page.