Messiah Lutheran Students Honor Veterans

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They sang the standard military songs to honor a chapel full of veterans who were invited to attend a morning program in their honor.

Rugged veterans of four different wars, who defended and guarded our country, were caught off guard.

"I cried right away. It's pretty amazing. The kids really came out and sang some great songs for us and it kind of works you up a little bit," said Christopher Rathe, an active duty National Guard Officer.

Both World War two veterans in attendance, honored to be thanked in song.

"It's great to know it's appreciated," said Bob Raymond who served in the U.S. Army during World War II.

"I was really excited about this," said Bill Kipper who was the guest speaker and World War II Medic.

"I think it's just to show other people that these people have come and we are to honor these veterans who have served our country," said Ella Caneava, a fifth grade student at Messiah Lutheran School.

"If we didn't have them we would be in a country that's not free and we wouldn't have our own choices," said Leah Rathe, a fifth grade student at Messiah Lutheran School.

After hearing the student body sing military songs to honor veterans, Sean Anderson got choked up. "It's an honor. Home safe and look what I got. Time with my daughter." said Anderson who recently retired from the Army.