Michael Petersen Pleads Not Guilty in Double Murder, Trial Date Set

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The Glenvil man accused of killing his ex-wife Nancy Petersen and attorney Todd Elsbernd pleaded not guilty in Hall County District Court Tuesday morning, to charges of first degree murder and use of weapon.

Petersen's trial date is set for May 12.

Judge James Livingston recused himself from further hearings. Judge John Icenogle from Buffalo County District Court will preside over the case in Hall County Court.

10/11 News reached out to Judge Livingston, who said he did not want to publicly comment on why he recused himself.

Marvin Andersen, Elsbernd's former law partner, said Elsbernd appeared in court in front of Livingston numerous times throughout his career.

Petersen is being represented in both cases by attorney Jeffery Pickens from the Nebraska Commission on Public Advocacy.