Miles for Heroes Raises Money for Veterans Over Memorial Day Weekend

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Over this Memorial Day weekend, you may have seen 1 of 15 people running with a flag alongside the road to raise money for veterans.

The Miles for Heroes program is a 1 person at a time 464 mile relay from Scottsbluff to Hooper. The team made stops for the night in North Platte Friday, Kearney Saturday and Shelby on Sunday.

They are taking donations both on their website, through PayPal, and in person as many people pull over to the side of the road to personally give a donation.

They groups feels they should be able to hit their goal for the veterans.

"We have a goal of $7,000-$10,000 and we're raising it for the Boot Campaign down in Texas. It's a campaign to help wounded vets, whether mentally for physically disabled, and just kind of adjust back to life. And then we're going to take a chunk of it also and donate it to 1st Lieutenant Donald Schwab," said Josh Marrel.

1st Lt. Schwab is from Hooper and was posthumously presented the Medal of Honor by President Obama in March.

To see their website or make a donation, click the link to the site.