Miletta Vista Winery Moves Forward with Plans to Rebuild

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Miletta Vista Winery is going forward with plans to rebuild.

It comes after a fire demolished the business late last month.

Now, the owners are looking ahead.

Miletta Vista Winery is less than five years old.

The McDowell's say this is something they thought could never happen to them. Then, it did.

"Flames were burning up into the roof, so we knew we were in trouble," owner Mick McDowell said.

"There really wasn't a lot you could do other than watch it burn," owner Loretta McDowell said.

It was June 23rd. That night, their business and home burned.

Loretta said few things were salvageable.

"The rest of it is gone," she said.

The building is almost completely demolished now, and while the community is mourning the loss of a major business the McDowell's are missing so much more than that.

"It's still a loss," Mick said. "It's just like the death of a friend or family member."

Now, it's about regrouping and rebuilding.

The idea was first voiced by an employee before the ashes even cooled.

"I think at that point in time he said something like it'll be alright," Mick said. "We'll rebuild. I said that's okay. You do my thinking for me."

Ultimately, the decision wasn't an easy one.

"It was like there's just no way we can do this," Loretta said. "It was like this is just too massive and we just can't do it."

But, they are. The McDowell's said their strength comes from the community.

"You don't realize that you've touched as many lives as we did in five short years," Mick said.

"They've said we hope you rebuild," Loretta said. "We'll be back."

They plan to reopen in December, just in time for the business' five year anniversary.