Mini Golfing Event Raises Money for Cerebral Palsy

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With the swing of a club, people across Downtown Lincoln were able to raise money for a disease that affects over a million people in the United States.

"We really wanted to come out and support Cerebral Palsy and of course you get to drink beer and play some golf, sot it's all good," said Brandon Prang.

Helping the cause is what had Mini Golfers like Brandon Prang teeing off at Bison Witches Bar this afternoon.

"It's a good thing to support, I know it's a debilitating disease so we'd like to be able to do whatever we can for those people," said Prang.

As the funds rolled in bar owners and managers of Downtown Businesses were happy to help the Bar Stool Open Charity that brought in plenty of customers to satisfy their Saturday Sales.

"It's good for business, sometimes alcohol sales are bigger than a game day," said Bison Witches Manager Paul Tuttle.

"It's got to be a big boost, there's a whole bunch of courses set up all over downtown," said Prang.

With hundreds signing up and making the rounds, this annual fundraiser continues to be a hole in one.