People's City Mission on Constant Guard Against Bed Bugs

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The People's City Mission is very busy this time of year, providing shelter to hundreds of homeless people, and also preventing the infestation of bed bugs.

So how do they do that? It's not easy.

For starters, when people arrive at the shelter for the very first time, they are required to have all of their clothes washed and dried in the laundry room.

"We get the temperature high enough, that will kill any bed bugs," said Jerry Owen, with the People's City Mission.

Further, the shelter routinely sprays for bed bugs.

"We have people coming in all the time, we have to take precautions," said Christian Thompson, the facilities director at the Mission.

And while the shelter doesn't believe it currently has any major infestation, they know the situation can change in a hurry.

All it takes is one person unknowingly carrying into the facility some luggage or clothing, that's infested with bed bugs.

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