Mobile Home Tenants Near 1st and Cornhusker May Have to Leave

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Petra Ysasaga doesn't know where she'll move if she's forced out of her mobile home community.

"There's a lot of people here on fixed income," Ysasaga said. "It's going to be hard on them. People are really worried about how they're going to get the money to move and set up property and stuff."

She lives in a mobile home with her sister, after moving to Nebraska from Texas.

Her concerns are legitimate.

Wednesday, the Lincoln-Lancaster county Planning Commission approved a plan for a new shopping center, apartment complex and hotel near 1st and Cornhusker.

Many of the residents have lived in that area for years-- putting money in to homes they may have to abandon.

The planning commission cited six facts in a written report, one states: "There is a reasonable presence of substandard and blighted conditions in the 1st and Cornhusker Highway Redevelopment Area."

"They said it was blighted," said Jody Paleu, who has lived in one of the mobile home communities since 1998.

"They said the pipes were bad, so they blighted it. Other homeowners pipes are probably old too, but they don't blight their area. My kids grew up here, my oldest son moved away but my youngest son still lives with me."

Paleu has updated her home by adding new windows, floors and siding.

"It's in pretty good condition compared to some of the others."

Now, she may have to move.

"Just because the city approved it and said that all of things are wrong with these trailers, but really all of these families are going to be displaced because big business wants move in," said Tristan Clark. "It hurts."

A study cited in the report found the area met ten of 12 factors to be considered blighted, including deteriorating structures, insanitary or unsafe conditions and few access points to public streets.

People in this community still don't understand why they may have to leave.

"You'd think the city would care more about the families here than what money they're going to make because we do pay our taxes," said Clark.

The plan will need to be approved by the City Council, but they're waiting until the park owners talk with tenants about the plans.

There's no time table on when the council would take this up.