Mom Won't Give Up Trying to Open New School

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Lincoln mom Chrissy McNair is not about to give up on her sincere and energetic quest to build a private school for children with autism in Nebraska.

Recently her dream of turning the Lewis-Syford Historic Home on the UNL campus into a private academy was rejected by the Lincoln City Council.

But she's not giving up. "We'll move mountains to make it happen,"
said McNair.

McNair has 12-year-old son, with autism, and knows full well the challenges facing parents in her position. While she says public schools are good in some cases, they're not for everyone. The academy she envisions would prepare autistic kids with the skills and education they need to succeed, to bring out their best potential.

"The main goal is just to give parents an option," said McNair.

McNair has been educating her own son at home. Meanwhile,
she plans on searching for new sites to build her dream school.