Mommy Makeover on Carol Wells

It's time for another Mommy Makeover. It's our chance to give a lucky mom a new look. Often, it's something they've not been able to find the time to do themselves.

Today, we meet Carol Wells. Her husband was a little nervous about her hair getting cut. But as you can see, our team of stylists did an amazing job again.

Carol tells us that her husband loves her new look. After a stunned moment, he said, "Wow! You look great! It looks so different than you, but it looks great!"

Carol wants to donate her hair to Locks of Love. This organization provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged kids who are suffering from hair loss.

Thanks to our wonderful makeover stylists:
Conner Rensch, Garbo's Salon at Regency Court in Omaha
Christi Clark, in Omaha
Heather Jura, esthetician at W Hair Studio Salon and Spa in Lincoln
Sue Sturgis, owner and stylist at Cause for Paws in Lincoln