Moms Everyday Minute: 5 Must Haves For The Hospital Bag

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Packing a hospital bag with items that will make you comfortable and prepared to welcome a baby into the world is essential.

"First of all, it helps you be more comfortable when you come to the hospital because then you're not in a tizzy, kind of putting things together. Helps you be organized, helps with all the things that the coach wants too," said Laura Schram, RN from Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center.

Here are the five items that she considers must-haves for the hospital bag:

1. Phone Charger. You'll likely be using your phone to make a lot of phone calls!

2. Memory Devices. You'll want to capture the first moments and hours of life with a cell phone, camera or video camera.

3. Partner. They are important for coaching and support.

4. Infant Car Seat. Hospitals won't let you leave unless they check that your car seat is installed and ready for baby.

5. Education. While it is not something tangible, it is important. It is advised that new parents take prenatal education classes, lamaze, birthing or other classes that can greatly benefit the entire pregnancy, post-pregnancy and going home process.

Being prepared and comfortable allows mom and baby to relax and enjoy the entire experience.

"Moms kind of forget, after they have their baby, what their experience was like. You really rely on your coach a lot and the people that are with you to kind of help you remember. Nature has a way of helping you forget things. And of course its important for your baby, too. To see those old photos," said Schram.