Moms Everyday Minute: Get At Least Half Off Kids Clothes, Toys

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The cost of brand new clothes, right off the rack as well as toys off store shelves can get very expensive.

At consignment sales like Neat Nepeatz, shoppers find lots of necessities at up to 90 percent off prices you'll find in most stores.

Events like this help parents keep their kids clothed and entertained for less. They are great for shoppers saving money, but also for the consignors who are earning.

They are moms like Leanne Harrell.

"It is so exciting to see something that maybe got a little bit of wear or just a little bit of playtime goes to someplace where someone else is going to enjoy it even more."

Neat Repeatz Consignment Sales are put on my Heather Brundieck. She's putting on this event in Lincoln for seven years.

"It has been the best part time job that allows me to stay at home with my kids and I'm only here during twice a year."

The sale is set up inside an empty building near Crossroads Mall in Lincoln. They fill it up each time a sale takes place.

"My kids are grown and they're out of the infant items, but I know how much the strollers cost, I know how much those cost new and it is a ridiculous amount and so to be able to give them strollers and pack n plays and high chairs at a great price, that makes me feel great," said Harrell.

Each consignor sets their own price, prints a price tag, then drops off their merchandise. They don't even need to be present at the sale.

When the sale is complete, they may choose if they want their items back. If they don't, everything leftover is donated to local women and children's charities.

The spring and summer sale is complete for the season. But Neat Repeatz will host their fall and winter sale September 18th to 21st.

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