Moms Everyday Minute: Slash The Cost Of Electronics

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Lincoln, NE - Electronics are expensive and constantly updating. It can be expensive to keep up with the latest products. Here is a way to slash the cost electronics and games by well more than half.

The Goodwill Electronics Store in Lincoln houses printers, games, electronics, parts and much more.

"Some of the things people didn't know we normally have here are sporting goods. We're trying to make it an entertainment store, so fun in all areas," said JT Davis, manager of the Lincoln Goodwill Electronics Store.

There are several of these stores across the country. They're saving consumers lots of money and funding programs for people with disabilities.

Here are some samples of prices:

  • Computer monitors: $19.99

  • Printers: $3.99

  • Printer Ink: $0.99

  • Laptop Computers (for parts): $11.99

All of the items arrive at the store as donations. When it comes to computers that house personal information, the staff make sure that it is all cleared before it is sold to a customer.

"We work with Dell and we have this program that allows us to clear any personal information and then we run a second program to make sure that it has all been erased from the hard drive," said Davis.

Customers are allowed to test out the items in the store. If a customer brings an item home and it stops working or doesn't work at all, they may return it to the store for a refund.

The Goodwill Electronics Store in Lincoln is located at 5745 O Street.