Moms Everyday Minute: Motherhood In The Workplace

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More women are in the workforce now and more are leading companies than ever before. One mother has taken her skills and applied them in the workplace to help create a business that is being awarded as one of the best to work in the country.

For the third year in a row, Talent Plus, Inc. was named by Great Place to Work as one of the best small and medium workplaces in the country. They were ranked second on their annual 2013 Best Small & Medium Workplaces list.

Great Place to Work evaluates each application using its unique methodology based on five dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie.

Kimberly Rath helped to create that company with her husband, Doug. It is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska and has grown to two other international locations. She is a mother to four children.

Every morning, all the employees of Talent Plus get together for a meeting. They run through announcements, accomplishments and other information that will help them have an effective, efficient and positive day.

After they gather, there is an option for breakfast for a small price. It is filled with healthy foods like fresh fruit, oatmeal and other items.

Just outside the conference room is the building's only coffee maker. It is not accident that it is the only one in the entire place. The idea behind it is to encourage all the employees to get up, walk around and communicate with each other.

It has been nearly 25 years since the business was created. Kimberly said that balancing motherhood and business was not always easy, especially in the beginning when her children were young.

"I had competing priorities: being a mother and building a company. But one of the things that I found out early on is that each person in your life wants some of your time. So Doug and I decided that when we got home from work, we'd say to Makenzie, 'Okay, you have 15 minutes to do whatever you want to do'. And we gave her undivided attention for 15 minutes," said Kimberly.

Talent Plus works with their clients on consulting, helping employees reach their full potential and also recruiting.

Learning to juggling work and family life was something that Kimberly had to tackle, in order to succeed at both.

"Along the way I learned a lot about delegation and how to be resourceful. But I learned I couldn't do it all. Once I liberated myself by saying 'I can't do it all and I'm not going to be at every single baseball game, but I'm going to be there in heart and soul and praise, it really liberated me to be a much better spot as a mother," said Kimberly.

While her children were younger, Kimberly and her husband enlisted the help of family, friends and nannies to care for their children and to help with daily tasks that they couldn't complete while they were working or traveling.

Today their daughter, Makenzie, works at Talent Plus. She is a Management Consultant & Researcher there.

Family is always important to the Raths. They focus on each other and their employees, treating everyone with respect and with equality.

The company hosts family events, in particular, their Fourth of July Celebration. The images from each year are captured in scrapbooks that are kept at Talent Plus' headquarters. They've been persevered for several years, showing families that are growing and thriving with their company.

A successful business and happy employees is what Kimberly said that makes her proud.

"Every woman nurtures, no matter if you have kids or don't have kids. So in a work environment, you're always nurturing each person that works for you and building them a platform for their growth and development," said Kimberly.