Moms Everyday Minute: Prepare Your Garden To Grow

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Local garden centers are beginning to fill with leaves and blossoms. While it is too early to start planting everything, there are steps you can take now to ensure a healthy garden.

If you desire some color and flowers right now, Tom Stevicks of Earl May Garden Centers said that you have options.

"Number one choice would be pansies or violas. These are actually grown to tolerate down to 25 degrees. We caution, that's cold tolerant, so they won't die, but they're not going to be necessarily really happy at that point in time," said Stevicks.

To make sure that your plants will survive and be ready to bloom in the weeks ahead, it is recommended that you use a mulch.

"Reason why is because your mulch does more than just conserve water. That's what most people think. But mulch helps to keep your root zone at a consistent temperature. Being in the upper plain states, we get these temperature swings. So if you mulch it, that keeps the plant from warming up too fast and it slows the growth of the plant down so they're not going to have to deal with those temperature swings," said Stevicks.

It is also recommended that you take your take and enjoy your garden. Don't rush into any decisions that could lead to problems.

"Go out and enjoy your yard. Look at it, play around with it. Why go through all that work if you're not going to enjoy that stuff anyway," said Stevicks.

Some experts say that you should wait until May first to put out sensitive flowers and plants, others are more caution and said to wait until the 15th of that month.

Now is also a good time to give your perennials a good drink of water, due to our dry winter. Fertilizer will also help with their growth and with the soil's health.