Moms Everyday Minute: Three Places Not To Miss While Spring Cleaning

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If the arrival of spring gets you in the mood to clean, make sure you have these three places on your to-clean list!

Sensei Katherine Brandenburg own a home and business cleaning service called Cleaning Ninjas. Here is a list of the places she reminds us to not overlook in our homes.

First, be sure to look up. Consider ceiling corners, door and window frames and trim.

"The fastest way to clean this is with a long duster, if you can get one that's wool. They are very environmentally friendly and they do a great job. So you just want to stand in one place and not take any steps and work from top to bottom, left to right and go over surface," said Brandenburg. It should take only minutes to do this in an entire house.

Secondly, be sure to look down.

"Vents are a notorious place for catching dust and hair. When cleaning a vent, it is important to use a product that is non-toxic and safe for kids and pets because you're going to be putting this in the air all around your home. You just spray it on your rag and its best if you can use a microfiber rag and wipe it over the vent like that," said Brandenburg.

Sometimes one of the most commonly used surfaces are what we forget to clean most often!

"One thing everybody touches is the light plates. Although we know there's lot of germs on these, we often ignore cleaning them. An important part of spring cleaning is to just spray some of that cleaner on your rag and wipe these off really quick," said Brandenburg.

Sensei Katherine said that you can clean much of your house using only three items. She said all you need is a microfiber cloth, a wool duster and a mix of vinegar and water as a cleaning solution.

She also recommended lemon oil on wood. It can be used on furniture or wood doors to clean and give them a sheen. Look for a product like Old English to get the job done.

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