Monday Motivation: Go Red Challenge, 3 Weeks Left

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More women die of heart disease than any other disease combined.
That's why the American Heart Association is taking steps toward prevention.

In Lincoln, 4 women were selected to work out with fitness trainers at Madonna Proactive and get health advice from their dietitians and from cardiologists at the Nebraska Heart Institute. It's part of AHA's Go Red Challenge.

So far, the women are taking their newly learned heart-healthy skills and putting them into action. Now, with only 3 weeks left, motivation could be hard to come by.

But two challengers are leaning on the buddy system to keep them going.

"I'm the kind of person where if I don't have to do something, I won't," said challenger and 10/11 news anchor Bonney Bowman. "But if I set a time with Lindsey to come here and meet, I'm way more likely to get there and do it. That's something I noticed. We're sticking to our times to meet and sticking to our plans to get here and get in some exercise. Its great!" Bowman added.

Her workout partner Lindsey Cox agrees.

"You have a workout partner, it pushes you. Plus it's time to talk and see what's going on in each others lives!" said Cox.

Find out from the experts why having a buddy increases your chances for long term success by clicking on the video link above.