Monster Jam At The Pinnacle Bank Arena April 18th-19th

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LINCOLN, Neb. Monster Jam returns for its second year at the Pinnacle Bank Arena this year

The 10,000 pound trucks are 12 feet wide and 12 feet tall and reach speeds up to 120 miles per hour, wowing audiences with the way they fly in the air.

The new dirt track that is being built on Friday is new to the Pinnacle Bank Arena and adds a new element to this second show.

There are three shows this weekend, including a matinee at 2pm and a 7:30pm show on Saturday, April 18th as well as a matinee on Sunday, April 19th.

Two of the drivers, Coty Saucier with Monster Energy and Linsey Weenk, with Lucas Oil Crusader joined 10-11's Natalie Micale on First News Nebraska this morning to talk about their experience touring the country with Monster Jam.

Saucier is a newer driver, as it is his second year driving the trucks. He's spent about ten years working in some capacity with Monster Jam and he says he's not scared to take on the PBA.

"Not to say it's not intimidating out there, especially here in Lincoln, when you have trucks that are second to none, but I just let it ride when you're out there, just wing it and hope for the best," said Saucier.

"I travel the world and my favorite part is not only the driving but also meeting all of the fans. Monster Jam has taken me to over two dozen countries."

Linsey Weenk, with Lucas Oil Crusader says he too is excited for the weekend and ready to take on the track at the PBA.

"Monster Jam is so popular with the kids. The whole thing is surrounded with bringing your family out here. With the pit party and the shows being loud and in your face, it's a great way to entertain. I'm ready to take it on, I'm comfortable in these trucks," said Weenk.

If you'd like to hear more from these drivers or know more about Monster Jam, please watch the videos above. You can find ticket information on the link above as well.