LPS Offers Ways to Talk to Your Kids About School Shooting

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Superintendent Steve Joel sent an email message to all parents in response to the Connecticut school shooting.

LPS teachers accompanied students after school as they waited for their parents or the bus.

LPS Social Worker, Paula Kucera says crisis response teams are available to talk to any student.

Kucera says it may be a tough conversation to have, but it's important to talk to your child.

"To not say anything gives the idea that this is such a horrible event we can't even deal with it. Ask your child 'what do you know?' 'What have you heard?' That way when they're telling you what they know you can help to gently correct any misinformation that they may have."

Kucera says talking with your child can help ease their fears and encourage them take safety measures more seriously.

"This is a horrible thing but by-and-large we are safe. You can also talk to them about what schools do to keep things safe. The Code Red drills that they practice all year long...we practice them so much that a lot of kids start to not take them seriously because they haven't meant anything to us."

Below is the email from Superintendent Steve Joel to parents.

Good afternoon…This is Steve Joel, superintendent of Lincoln Public Schools…

As you are probably aware – there was a tragic shooting today in an elementary school in Connecticut where both students and staff members were harmed…

I’m calling to assure you – that we are responding to this tragedy – in many ways – at Lincoln Public Schools. We are working in collaboration with the police – to ensure increased security and a heightened presence in our school neighborhoods…

We have members of our Crisis Response Team available – if they are needed in any of our schools.
We have asked our school staff members to keep an eye on our students – to be sensitive to additional needs – to pay extra attention and be available whenever necessary. We ask parents to keep watch over your children over the weekend…engage then in conversation...listen and respond.

We are so very sorry for our fellow educators in Connecticut and express our deep sympathy. Here in Lincoln please let your kids know – that schools are a safe place.
Thank you – and take care…

Lincoln Police Officers who weren't responding to calls patrolled near schools Friday afternoon. Police had no reported incidents but because of the Connecticut elementary school shooting, they wanted students to feel safe.