More Room For Vendors At This Year's Haymarket Farmers Market

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Lincoln, NE-- The 29th Haymarket Farmer's Market is expected to be a little less congested this year, organizers say.

With the development of Canopy Street finished, there will be room to spread out vendors and even make room for more, while hopefully keeping people from walking shoulder-to-shoulder.

"Adding more spaces will just give everyone more breathing
space," said Linda Hubka, On-Site Manager for the Haymarket Farmer's Market. "We're going to be in a better position just to take on more

About 10 more vendors will line Canopy Street between P and Q Streets. Also this year, Q Street between 7th and Canopy Streets are part of the Farmer's Market.

"I think the more we can add and the Haymarket can grow with the Farmer's Market is a wonderful thing," said Janis Lemonade vendor, Jan Schoonover. "I think last year it was difficult with the construction
going on, if it was windy we would have big waves of dirt or gravel blow through the area."

There are also changes to the Promenade Canopy, which has been part of the Farmer's Market for some time now. The difference is that instead of squeezing two vendors between two poles, there will only be one vendor between poles.