More Travelers Used the Lincoln Airport in 2013

The number of passengers flying in and out of the Lincoln Airport grew by 5 percent in 2013.

United, Delta and their partner airlines and charter operators carried 283,690 travelers through Lincoln’s gates in 2013, which is nearly 14,000 more than in 2012. Figures for December 2013 showed a 9 percent increase over December 2012, with 23,349 passengers using the Lincoln Airport.

John Wood, executive director of the Lincoln Airport, said the increased traffic is a sign that airfares in Lincoln are becoming more competitive with regional airports in terms of cost and convenience.

“Travelers are learning that it pays to check Lincoln when planning a trip,” said Wood. “Flights from Lincoln are often very competitive and can be less expensive than from Omaha, and any price difference is often offset by the extra travel and parking costs that go with flying out of Omaha.”

Wood said he expects the growth trend to continue in 2014, in part because Delta is planning to launch a flight from Lincoln to Atlanta later this year. The new flight will carry local travelers to the largest airline hub in the world with connections to key U.S. cities as well as the Caribbean, South America and other international destinations.

“We hope Lincoln-area travelers will support the Atlanta flight,” said Wood. “We all want to continue to improve air service at the Lincoln Airport, and the best way to achieve that is by continuing to increase the number of passengers flying from Lincoln.”

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