Watch 10/11 First at Four TODAY to See New Weather Technology

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10/11 is excited to announce an upgrade in weather technology that will enhance the way we deliver the weather on air and online. On February 14, our team of meteorologists will be using Weather Central's Fusion Studio which will allow us to present weather information with interactive 3D storytelling tools.

"Basically we're going to take the best technology around, which is what we have, and we're going to upgrade it," said Jason Effinger, KOLN/KGIN-TV General Manager. "We're going to be able to bring information out to all the screens that you want to consume our weather product on faster and more accurate than we've ever been able to do."

"The look of this product is unlike anyone at home has ever seen before," said Ken Siemek, Chief Meteorologist. "I've been involved with the weather on 10/11 for 30 years and I have not been this excited about a weather product since the implementation of Doppler Radar back in the late 80s and early 90s."

While we're excited about this new weather system, ultimately it's about the people that use the technology. 10/11 has five full time meteorologists, Ken Siemek, Brad Anderson, Rusty Dawkins, Brandon Rector and Tony DeGrand, who are committed to bringing you the most accurate and up to date weather information.

"It is about serving the viewer, and bringing them the best possible most accurate product we can do and this is going to help continue to allow us to lead television across Nebraska in that area," said Siemek.