Mother Inspires UNMC Student

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Eric Oduca's Mother grew up on the farmlands of the Philippines, but after finishing at the top of her class she was given an opportunity to study medicine in the United States.

"She came here with only the clothes on her back and $100 in her pocket," said Oduca.

Eric's Mother worked two full time jobs to support Eric and his siblings here in the United States and it's that hard work and determination that made an impact on Eric. It persuaded him to enter the medical field.

"She made me think, if he or she can do it, I can too. That's what motivated her and that's what motivates me too," said Oduca.

This past May Eric began an accelerated Nursing Program at UNMC. A rigorous program that only selects eight students for this year long class.

"I've been studying every single night, getting quizzed on every single week," said Oduca.

As he continues to work and study, his mothers words of encouragement are still fresh in his mind.

"There's no dream that's impossible," said Oduca.