Motorcycle Lost 6 Decades Ago Resurfaces

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The 1938 German motorcycle isn't shiny, or new.

But for Ron Miller, it's perfect the way it is.

That's because this bike has one amazing story.

fifty-six years ago, it belonged to a young man named Dean Allie.

Miller says, "He [Allie] was 15 years old when he was driving out on the ice with the motorcycle and broke through the ice."

The bike sank in 25 feet of water.

It's been at the bottom of Big Swan Lake in Minnesota ever since, until a commercial fisherman reeled it in last November.

Miller says the bike came out with the front wheel still turning, air still in the tires.

He says some might want to restore this amazing bike, but not him.

He's working to clean it up and preserve it, but it's essentially going to stay as is.

Miller says, "Anything you do to this motorcycle is going to take away from it's history. If a person were to restore it, you're not going to enjoy it like you can enjoy it now on what you see here."

The bike will never run again, but that won't stop it from wracking up the miles and spreading it's incredible story.