Motorcycle Riders Protest Helmet Law

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Engines roared at the Capitol Saturday in protest of a Nebraska law. And it's one you've heard about before. Motorcycle riders say they don't want to have to wear a helmet.

Protesters rode their motorcycles around the Capitol to show legislators they want action on Nebraska's helmet requirement.

Saturday's protesters aren't saying helmets are bad.

"I wouldn't take my helmet off all the time. There's times when I would wear one," said protest organizer Patrick Gray.

Only that wearing one should be a rider's choice.

"We should have the choice to take a calculated risk by taking that helmet off," said Gray.

And he says he'll keep organizing these protests until the legislature listens, even if it means planning a protest every 60 days.

"I did invite all of the senators who were opposed to repealing the law to this event. I received two responses saying they wouldn't be able to attend and I didn't get responses from any other senators," said Gray.

For the protesters, the message isn't just about helmets.

"We believe that we should have freedom of choice. We're afforded a lot of other freedoms in our life and we believe the group of us should not be forced to wear helmets," said Gray.

So, as many of the senators come to the end of their terms, Mark Bosak is looking to the future.

"We've offered many, many solutions and we've got a lot of hard-liners in there. A lot of them are going to be replaced in the elections going on right now," he said.

Since this bill never made it past general file this year, there won't be any more progress until the next legislative session. But, Gray said he'll be holding these protests even when the legislature isn't in session.