Many Nebraska Motorcyclists Believe Helmets Should Be Optional

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Motorcycle helmets have been in and out of the legislature for years. So, 10/11's Casey Geraldo headed to Frontier Harley Davidson to talk to those most effected by a possible change- the riders.

"If you have a hundred dollar head, buy a hundred dollar helmet," said Bryan McFarland.

That's the first piece of advice McFarland was given about motorcycle safety.

"So, I've always bought the most expensive helmet I could buy because my head is worth that money," he said.

McFarland said the man who told him that had just lost his son in a motorcycle accident.

"His son didn't have a helmet on, and that's why he died," said McFarland.

Even though McFarland chooses to wear a helmet, he still said people should be able to decide.

When it comes to his son. He said he'd be honest.

"I'd tell him the truth. I choose to wear one. But, it should be your preference once you reach a certain age," he said.

And it seems that's what it comes down to - choice.

"I think that you'd find at least among our customer base, that while many of our customers, maybe most of them support freedom of choice on this issue, I think you'd find many of them would still choose to wear a helmet," said Dave Fischer, who owns the store.

Senator Dave Bloomfield who introduced the bill said it should be up to the rider. And Chris Simanek agrees.

"Feel your hair blow in the wind. Just a sense of freedom, I guess," he said.

But, Senator Bill Avery argues it's in the public's best interest to avoid the cost of treating traumatic injuries.

Friday was the second day this topic was on the floor of the legislature, and the discussion could continue through Tuesday.