Multiple Entities Interested in Buying Federal Building

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Downtown community leaders, county and city officials took a tour of the federal building Thursday morning to see if they're interested in buying it. And leaders say the building would be a good investment for the county.

"Having a vibrant downtown is extremely important to the overall health and economic well-being of a community. And the federal building here downtown is a landmark building. It's constructed very solidly, it's a beautiful building, spacious and important to be retained in the downtown," said Cindy Johnson the President of Grand Island Chamber of Commerce.

"If we could acquire the building, it'd be great for Hall County and the downtown area," said Gary Quant, the District 6 Supervisor.

The cost of the federal building is unknown at the moment, but the 30,000 sq. foot building is move-in ready according to Quant. Thanks to maintenance from the federal government.

"The improvements the federal government has made to this building over the year will really help in any future redevelopment of the building," said Johnson.

Multiple entities will have to work together to find the best option for the federal building's use.

"It's going to take a plan of not only Hall County, but it's going to take city and it's going to take downtown, the chamber of commerce, and industrial foundation to come up with some type of a plan for this building," said Quant.

The President of The Chamber Of Commerce said the possibilities for the federal building are endless. It can be used for city and county use as well as residential or retail - all dependent on creativity.