Murder Trial for 2010 Grand Island Shooting Begins

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Jury selection began Monday morning in the trial of a Grand Island man accused of murder.

It took the prosecution and defense most of the day to choose jurors with many questions about juror feelings regarding immigration and ethnicity.

Attorneys also asked jurors about their views on handguns being used in self defense.

The defendant - Arkanjelo Kot, an immigrant from South Sudan who lives in Grand Island - is accused of shooting Walid Omar Aden, 17, after an argument back in July of 2010.

One of the questions from Kot's attorney that drew an objection from Hall County Attorney Mark Young touched on getting immediate help for a gunshot victim.

Authorities say Aden was shot at a convenience store, but first responders found him at a residence on South Sycamore Street. Aden was taken to Saint Francis where he died.

At the time of Kot's arrest, Young said the argument stemmed from a court case regarding an August 2009 shooting in which Kot was injured and his cousin was killed.

Mohamed Abdulkadir, also of Grand Island, was sentenced to 25 to 50 years in prison for killing Nyuol Majak Angok Mathok in that 2009 shooting. He was also sentenced for another shooting that happened around the same time, and has since been found guilty of killing another prison inmate.

Kot's trial will continue starting Tuesday morning. The judge told jurors the trial could take up to ten days.