Exclusive Interview with Murder Victim's Sister: "Tyler was a Good Person"

Tyler Schoenrock and his son
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Authorities continue to search for a man they believe is involved in the murder of 25-year-old Tyler Schoenrock of Lincoln. Meanwhile the victim's family wants the killer or killers brought to justice.

The last time Olivia Spence saw her brother, Tyler, was in October. So it's hard for her to make sense of what happened.

"He told me he had lost his job, and I think ever since then, he got down on himself," said Olivia. "It's just unbelievable. You don't believe it when someone tells you that a loved one has been killed and won't be here with us anymore."

Tyler had a troubled past, including run-ins with the law. A history that Olivia thought was behind him.

"We just want everyone to know that Tyler was a good person," said Olivia. "What he was getting involved with these last few months, nobody really knew, but he was a great person. He had the biggest heart."

And deputies continue the put together the pieces of what happened.

"We're so impressed with the sheriff's office and the investigators and how hard they're working because we know that these cases can go and how it can take forever to find somebody," said Olivia. "It would be forever to go a lifetime without knowing. So just a big thanks to everybody who is working around the clock to bring justice to my family and to Tyler."

An arrest warrant is out for 20-year-old Adrian Casares. Miguel Castillo is charged with Accessory to a Felony.

According to the Lancaster County Sheriff, a newspaper carrier found Tyler Schoenrock's body north of Lincoln on December 30. An autopsy report reveled he died of multiple gunshot wounds.