NCAA Tournament Visitors' First Impressions Of Lincoln

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Lincoln, Neb. 10/11 headed downtown today to talk to people who got here a day early for the tournament to see what they thought of Lincoln their first time here.

And most said even though they've only been here a day, they are already impressed with what they see.

Tara, Connoly, here for the University Connecticut said, " I had low expectations but when we got to the city it was very fun.

Many were impressed with one aspect of Lincoln: the cleanliness.

Andrew Jones, also a Connecticut fan said," It's so clean. It's very nice."

And it turns out that iconic places are still very much enjoyed by visitors.

Sarah Trenner, here with the U-Conn band said,"We went to Ivanna cone and it was so yummy."

People here from Iowa for the gymnastics tournament, as well as those from Wisconsin said that after going in to places like the Nebraska Husker store, they really appreciate the Husker spirit.