Beaver Crossing Moving Forward with Recovery Efforts, SBA Declaration Made

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BEAVER CROSSING, Neb.-- Beaver Crossing's administrator Shannon Chestnut said they're moving along with the clean up process and will be meeting with several key organizations to assist with rebuilding the town.

Chestnut said the rebuilding will happen over the next several months, as pieces of the puzzle need to be put into place before some assistance can start.

In order to help with the communication process, they're asking that if anyone has needs, questions or concerns, to please come to the Fire Hall. They're trying to centralize communication efforts. And, if people haven't heard something come directly from the Village Administrator, they ask people to verify it.

FINANCIAL DONATIONS: Donations that will be distributed to the people of Beaver Crossing can be written out to The Hope Center and sent c/o The village of Beaver Crossing to PO BOX 116, Beaver Crossing, Neb. These donations will help the uninsured, underinsured and give people some much needed assistance.

FEMA - At this point, the town DOES NOT have a Presidential declaration; so, FEMA is not part of the equation yet. They have assessed the damage in town and are working to obtain the declaration, but, it has not been declared yet. If it is declared, the Village will have information to get out to people about the programs they have available.

INSURANCE & DEBRIS REMOVAL: The village is winding down on the initial debris removal process and transitioning into the next phase of rebuilding. In the next few months, they'll have several agencies come in and assist with this process or additional debris removal.

NON-INSURED: Several families were either not insured or, due to extenuating circumstances, were underinsured. A total of 31 structures were demolished and more than 80% of the town as a whole had damage. They're reaching out to as many organizations that can assist with those who were without insurance or those now finding out that they were underinsured.

TREES: More than 120 severely damaged trees on public property will need to come down. This does not include trees on private property. At this point, the Village is seeking out organizations that can assist with the private homeowners at no cost.

VILLAGE OFFICE: The town is anticipating it will take 30 days for the Village to be operational again. For now, the Village will be located in the Fire Hall. Once Roof Pro’s has restored the office, the administrator will move back into the office. The phone number is 402-532-3925 and email are operational.

VOLUNTEERS: Thousands of people have volunteered over the past several weeks. At this point, as they start to plan for the rebuilding, they're asking that volunteers wait for an announcement for volunteer help. In 30 days, they will most likely need a large push for volunteers to assist with individual homeowners, planting of trees and various other rebuilding projects.


Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman received word Friday from the U.S. Small Business Administration that his request for an SBA disaster declaration has been approved.

This is a result of several Nebraska counties that were impacted by severe storms on May 11, 2014.

This declaration allows those who suffered losses from the storm in Seward County and the surrounding counties of Butler, Polk, Fillmore, Lancaster, Saline and York to be eligible for low-interest SBA loans.