NU Regents Approve Funding For Breslow Ice Center

NU Regents approved putting forth $1 Million of the University of Nebraska's money for the Breslow Ice Rink in their board meeting Friday morning.

This comes after the West Haymarket Joint Public Agency approved $2 million in funding for the ice center construction.

With the City of Lincoln providing the land and $200,000 in funds over five years for the rink, Chancellor Harvey Perlman says this partnership makes now a great time to move forward.

"I will continue to negotiate with the city but this is a really good deal for our students," said Perlman.

There are however, some concerns with the newest design for the center.

Some think it should have two sheets of ice as opposed to one.

"If you talk to people that run ice skating rinks they still are a little bit baffled by the fact that we have some things built into this like backup generators and those kinds of things that other rinks in the United States do not," said City Councilman, Doug Emery. "And that drives the cost up and is why we're getting one sheet of ice opposed to two or in some cases maybe even three."

UNL Board of Regents member, Tim Clare, says he agrees with the university's decision to have only one sheet of ice, but think if there's a demand for a second sheet they could add it.

He also says the next step is to figure out how the ice time between the city and the university will be shared.

The Breslow Ice Center would be built between the Pinnacle Bank Arena and Haymarket Park. The total cost is estimated to be around $11 million.