National Guard Members Prepare for Natural Disaster

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With members of the Nebraska National Guard loading victims up on stretchers and taking them into medical tents, this is all part of a scenario where a tornado strikes deep within Omaha, causing a hazardous chemical spill.

"Contamination that was experienced from that crash, complicated by the fact that the tornado had occurred," said Lt. Colonel Tom Mortimer.

For the over 200 National Guard Members that make up the Nebraska Enhanced Response Force Package Team. It was a first hand look at the scene of a disaster where they could walk through emergency procedures and learn what injuries victims would suffer.

"You'd have broken bones, cuts, somebody that was confused based on what had happened," said Mortimer.

"Being able to come out here and do this over and over again helps to keep our skills fresh, so in the real world if something like this we're needed, we'd be ready to go," said National Guard Member James Brady.

Although this is a worst case scenario for these soldiers, they know the work they do now could one day save people's lives.