National Guard Units Honored for World War II Service

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- The Nebraska National Guard marked the 70th anniversary Wednesday of the Guard's role in a critical World War II battle - the Battle of St. Lo, France.

Two World War II veterans, other veterans' families and dozens of current Guard members gathered to pay tribute to the 134th Infantry Regiment and supporting unit's involvement in the battle.

The fight happened 70 years ago this month.

During the course of the regiment's first few days of combat, around 900 soldiers were either killed, wounded or declared missing in action, according the Guard.

The success of the battle, however, allowed American and Allied armies to break the stalemate in Normandy, France and help open the way for the liberation of France.

William "Bill" Duane Bush, who was part of the 110th Medical Battalion and was at the battle, recalls the struggle to get the job done.

"What kept you going, I guess, you just mind your rear and try to be safe," Bush said.

"Tough. Really tough. But, as I say again, I'm so proud of the 134th infantry."

Gov. Dave Heineman was also on hand to offer his personal thank you to the veterans and their sacrifices to the country.

The ceremony also included a moment of silence for the fallen wounded of the battle.