UPDATE: Homeowners Allowed To Return Following Gas Leak

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Louisville, NE - Emergency crews have allowed residents to return to their homes after a gas leak forced them to evacuate Monday morning.

Just before 6:00 a.m. Monday, crews were called to the area of 37200 block of Muriel Drive, just south of Louisville in Cass County.

Officials discovered a leak in a high pressure line for natural gas.

Crews located the leak quickly and shut off a valve. They say it will take several hours to repair, but the leak is isolated so most residents are safe to return to their homes.

Homeowner Eric Rodriguez says uniformed firefighters came to his home in gas masks just after 6 a.m. He and his family walked away from their home because crews worried that starting a vehicle would ignite gas in the air.

Rodriguez says the smell of gas was overpowering when crews arrived.

"Very strong odor. Made me kind of dizzy actually as I was walking down smelling it," Rodriguez says.

One residence will be out of gas while repairs are made.