Neb. Congressman Jeff Fortenberry Hosts Town Hall, Covers Major Topics

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Congress has district work days right now. That means representatives head back home to talk to constituents. Neb. Representative Jeff Fortenberry was at Lincoln Southwest high school Monday talking on some of the big issues - the border, the budget and international affairs.

When it comes to immigration, Fortenberry emphasized the need to secure the American border. He talked specifically about kids being brought across the border. He said they're being trafficked and put in dangerous situations. He added that it's crucial to not only look at the situation here in the States, but also in the countries of origin.

"Do three things. You have to protect the children, protect the border, and prevent the problem. The House of Representatives has passed a bill and I've proposed this as well. National Guard troops at the border to give the border patrol some relief. You also additionally aid and protect the children," said Fortenberry.

Fortenberry said there's no agreement on Capitol Hill about how to best handle the situation.

While the border situation may be dragging out, that's not the case on a Fortenberry-led, bipartisan resolution condemning the persecution of religious groups in Iraq.

"This is a human genocide. The international community has to try to heighten the awareness of this, at least try to get humanitarian assistance there," he said.

Fortenberry said U.S. troops will not return to Iraq in this situation. He said the U.S. can't help the country if the country can't help itself. But, he said bringing international attention to, what he calls, a genocide is important.

Fortenberry also commented on the lawsuit the House passed against the President. He said he supports the lawsuit. He added it takes the evaluation of President Obama's actions out of Congress' hands and gives it over to the justice system.