Neb. Counties Designated as Presidential Disaster Due to Severe Weather Events

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Farm Service Agency (FSA) State Executive Director, Dan Steinkruger, announced that Greeley County has been designated as a primary natural disaster area due to severe winter storms, tornadoes and flooding. In addition the following contiguous counties are also considered natural disaster areas eligible for disaster program consideration; Boone, Howard, Nance, Sherman, Valley and Wheeler.

These counties were declared a Presidential Major Disaster on January 7, 2014, based on October 2-6 storm events. This designation authorizes Emergency (EM) Loans for eligible producers. Steinkruger stated, “Producers in these seven counties are encouraged to contact their local FSA Service Center for detailed information about available programs and updated disaster designations.”

In addition to the Emergency (EM) Loan Program, the FSA has other loan programs and disaster assistance programs which can be considered in assisting farmers to recover from their losses.