Neb. AG Planning Lawsuit Against Health Care Law

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The Nebraska Attorney General is planning to fight against a recent mandate from the federal government.

The mandate requires employers to provide insurance which covers contraceptives.

Attorney General Jon Bruning says the recent mandate by the Department of Health and Human Services is unconstitutional, based on the first amendment right to freedom of religion.

The mandate exempts churches which disagree with the use of birth control, but not universities, hospitals, or non-profit groups with religious affiliation.

Bruning plans to file a lawsuit to over turn the mandate and has invited other attorneys general to join him.

He says the lawsuit has nothing to do with his current senate campaign.

He says he's just working to protect the religious freedom of Nebraskans.

28 states already have laws which require companies to provide insurance which covers birth control.

Other lawsuits similar to the one Bruning is planning have already failed, like one case in 2004 when the California Supreme Court ruled because many organization's employees are not Catholic, religious groups could be required to provide them with access to birth control.

HHS officials stress no one will be required to buy or take contraception and no doctor will be required to prescribe it.

A recent studied showed most women, including 98% of Catholic women, have used birth control before.