Nebraska Community Blood Bank Stocks Up During Summer Months

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- The summer months usually mean more traveling for a variety of reasons.

A lot of people are traveling to and from work or on vacation. That means more people are out on the roads.

Statistics show it's also a very dangerous time to be on the road, with more car crashes reported during the summer months.

Nebraska Highway Safety Administrator, Fred Zwonechek spoke with 10/11 and went over some of these summer travel statistics.

For the past three years, the month of July ranks as the second highest monthly total for reported alcohol-related crashes in Nebraska.

And generally, the three months of July, August, and September have historically recorded the highest numbers of injury crashes and fatalities.

In July alone, with the holiday, the number of non-deadly car crashes has gone up from 981 last year to 998 this year.

Also, last year, Nebraska only had a hundred fatalities from car crashes and this year it's already at 106.

Nebraska State Patrol says that they just want people to remember to buckle up; 64 of the 106 fatalities involved people who weren't wearing a seat belt.

Ashley Ryan is the Communications Director for the Nebraska Community Blood Bank. And she says the blood bank recognizes that during the summer, there's high need.

"Summer is a tough time to keep the blood supply stabilized. We normally try to collect...about a 1,000 units but we're closed on Friday, the holiday. There's a lot of activities and a lot of vacation stuff going on, a higher risk for we just want to make sure that the blood supply is there when it is needed," said Ryan.

And when you give blood during the summer, you are helping the Nebraska Community Blood Banks prepare for what a dangerous time it can be this year on the roads.

"We need that extra push to get people out here," said Ryan.

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