Nebraska Dept. Of Insurance Predicts Rise In Premiums

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- The Nebraska Department of Insurance released their sampling of rates for the marketplace for 2015.

Once enrollment opens in November, Nebraskans will be able to choose from a variety of plans that cover up to 90 percent of the costs or as low as 60 percent of the costs.

The percentage listed with the levels is the amount the insurer will cover. Generally, the more coverage that an individual buys the higher the monthly premiums.

The Department of Insurance had 15 different plan scenarios that consumers can take a look at before open enrollment this November.

And in most of those premiums are higher.

Blue Cross Blue Shield says they expected their premiums to go up because they are the largest provider in the state and this is no surprise that their average premiums are the highest out of all providers.

Vice President, Dan Alm, "Number one is we're pricing to our costs. We are seeing significant increases in utilization in this market segment...We expect this market to be somewhat volatile for a couple years to come."

People with pre-existing health conditions flooded Blue Cross this January. They say 70 percent of the people they saw were brand new this year to the healthcare system.

And they say they also saw a 400 percent increase in taxes related to the Affordable Care Act.

Blue Cross Blue Shield says in the next few years, they hope the influx of new people enrolled help even out costs.

And they also want consumers to know that 80 percent of their business is in the employer market place and that rate will not drastically increase or decrease.

If you'd like to see the Nebraska Department of Insurance's rate predictions, click on the link above.