Beaver Crossing Family Survives Tornado that Swept Through Home

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Families all over Nebraska are trying to figure out their first step in recovery after tornadoes swept through their towns.

Lance and Jessica Breitkreutz, from Beaver Crossing, said they're just beginning to sort through the damage.

"We're still trying to figure out what our next step is before we can even think about taking that step," said Lance.

The tornado ripped their roof off and completely damaged the first floor. Lance said when he, his wife and two daughters walked upstairs after the storm, the first damage they saw was their kitchen, only it wasn't their kitchen anymore, "When they both came up this was the first damage that they saw and this is not how the kitchen was supposed to look."

He said they're just trying to return to some kind of normal as quickly as possible for their girls. The family is staying at a hotel with friends until it's safe to return home.

If you want to help families like the Breitkreutz's, Seward County Emergency Management is asking for volunteers 19 and older. The volunteers are to meet in the old gymnasium in Utica between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Check back to for a list of items you should bring.