Gov. Heineman Calls For Lowering Taxes

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Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman is calling for new property and income tax cuts when the Legislature convenes next year.

The Republican governor argued Wednesday that property tax reductions would benefit rural Nebraskans, who have complained for years about the rates on farms and ranchland. Heineman says lowering income taxes would help urban wage earners.

Heineman also showed 5 different charts backing his claims.

"This vividly demonstrates that Nebraskan's taxes are too high in almost every category," said Heineman. "Look at all five charts...Nebraska is on every one of them."

His comments came in the midst of a legislative review of Nebraska's tax system, which has included public hearings in Scottsbluff, North Platte and Norfolk. Additional hearings are scheduled in Lincoln and Omaha.

"I believe there is an opportunity here for a package that would include property tax relief and income tax relief and a balanced approach on what we're trying to do," said Heineman.

State government has no direct control over property taxes, which are set at the local level. But Heineman says the state could use Nebraska's property tax credit fund to reduce what property owners have to pay.